The times could be changing.

The owner of the Fortune Block on Main Street wants to tear the building down for redevelopment.

The 133-year-old building is home to the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club, operated for 15 years by John Scoles.

“This is a monument to everything that an awful lot of people believe in musically,” said Scoles.

The owner does not want the structure to receive heritage status so he can demolish it and redevelop the site.

The owner said the building is beyond repair because of water damage and neglect. Ceilings are falling in and door frames, staircases, and floors are so far gone they can't be fixed according to a written submission.

But Heritage Winnipeg disputes the submission, saying it wouldn't cost that much to fix the building.

"The masonary on the building is in great form, it would need...60 to 70 thousand dollars. So we're not looking at this building falling down by any stretch,” said Cindy Tugwell from Heritage Winnipeg. "We've got to stop demolishing our buildings for the sake of condoning absentee building owners.”

The city's Historical Building Committee is recommending the city preserve the fortune building because of its unique features, location and age.

"It's 1880s; it's one of our oldest heritage assets,” said Coun. Jenni Gerbasi who sits on the committee.

City councillors will make the final decision as the matter now goes to the Downtown Development Committee for a vote.

The owners can appear in person at that hearing.