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Boil water advisory issued for RM of Gimli

Tap water in this file image. Dec. 22, 2023 (CTV NEWS) Tap water in this file image. Dec. 22, 2023 (CTV NEWS)

A boil water advisory has been issued for the RM of Gimli.

The rural municipality posted on its website saying there was a pump failure on Saturday, which led to a loss of water pressure in the distribution system.

"Distribution depressurization can compromise the safety of the water supply; therefore, a boil water advisory has been issued to ensure public health protection," the advisory said.

While the advisory is in effect, people are told to bring all water to a rolling boil for at least a minute if they plan to use it for drinking or ice making, preparing beverages, preparing food, and brushing their teeth.

The water does not need to be boiled to do laundry or wash dishes. People can shower or bathe as long as they aren't swallowing the water.

There is no timeline for how long the boil water advisory will last, with the RM saying residents will be notified when it has been rescinded. Top Stories


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