A cat was rescued Thursday morning from the rubble left after a fire ripped through a condo building in Winnipeg on Wednesday. Damage from the blaze is estimated at $3 million. 

The cat was taken to the Winnipeg Humane Society for emergency care and is recovering.

About 20 people were inside the condo building in the 800 block of St. Paul Avenue in the city's West End when the fire was reported. All made it out safely.

The cat was checked for burns and any signs of smoke inhalation, but so far appears to be doing fine, said officials. 

"We've bathed him to remove all that soot from the smoke because that can be toxic for them when they groom it off. So he seems to be okay but I'm going to tell the owners when they pick him up today to make sure they watch him for a couple days because sometimes there is some delayed effects of the smoke inhalation," said Dr. Erika Anseeuw from the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Officials said the cat's owners were on vacation when the fire was reported. The cat was being cared for by a friend of the owners. 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the arson strike force and the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner.