The City of Winnipeg’s development agency for downtown is trying to get rid of another hotel that has seen incidents of violence.

CentreVenture has been given an extra line of credit of $6.6 million that could be used to buy the Carlton Inn property, just north of the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

City council voted to extend the line of credit on Wednesday.

CentureVenture also recently purchased the St. Regis Hotel property in downtown Winnipeg.

Mayor Sam Katz says CentreVenture feels getting rid of hotels like the Carlton Inn would make downtown safer.

“You can talk to the police and there are things going on there which are not what you and I would call lawful to say the least,” he said.

Not everyone is on board with the plan, however.

The city’s finance chair voted against the credit extension. Coun. Russ Wyatt (Transcona) said CentureVenture should work within its existing line of credit.

He said the organization might be trying to do too much too soon.

Katz, meanwhile, said a new hotel could spring up on that location and taxes from it would help pay for the convention centre expansion project.

Ed Wilton has stayed at the Carlton Inn and he hopes a new hotel would be affordable.

"Depends on what the rates are going to be. You know, if they keep the rates around the same, (it) would be no concern, but if they put the rates way high, I wouldn't be able to afford it," said Wilton.

CTV's calls to CentreVenture and the owner of the Carlton Inn were not returned on Wednesday afternoon.