The City of Winnipeg has earmarked $3 million and 250 pieces of equipment for its residential snow-plowing operation this week after the weekend snowstorm.

To help crews get it done, a residential parking ban will be in effect.

The city said the residential parking ban will take effect at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12, 2012.

While the city is asking people to move their vehicles, it is not asking everyone to move them at the same time.

Different zones will be cleared during five 12-hour shifts.

"Although it's an inconvenience for 12 hours, we think it's a better system. It gets the cars off the street. It allows us to do a better job," said Ken Boyd, manager of street maintenance for the City of Winnipeg.

Winnipeggers are asked to check the city's website to see what day your vehicle must be off the street. If a resident still isn't sure, they can call 311.

Crews will tow vehicles that are in the way to another street and the owner will face a $150 fine. People can also call 311 to fine out where their vehicle is if it has been moved by crews.

The city says it won't plow a neighbourhood on the same day that the area is scheduled for garbage and recycling collection.

Officials hope to have the snow cleared by Thursday.