Earth Day lands on Monday, April 22 in 2019. Here are some ideas for things you can do to keep the Earth healthy all year long.

1. Cut out the car commute 

According to the Green Action Centre, commuting by car is Manitoba’s largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions. You can reduce your personal footprint by bussing, carpooling, or getting to work actively, such as walking or cycling.

If you’re not quite ready to start immediately, you could plan to take part in the Commuter Challenge from June 2 to 8, then log your green commute to be eligible for prizes.

If you’re looking to find a carpool or someone to share a ride with, you can check out the GoManitoba website or app. 

2. Help conserve bees and other pollinators

Insects and birds that spread pollen from one flower to another are an essential part of healthy ecosystems, and The Living Prairie Museum launched a website full of resources for how to help them.

The Bee Better Manitoba website includes tips for how to provide the things that help pollinators survive and thrive, and how to select native plants to grow in your garden.  

It’s also launching the #BeeBetterChallenge on social media encouraging people to share photos of bees and pollinator-friendly gardens.

3. Reduce food waste 

Food waste in landfills leads to the release of harmful methane gas and a recent report estimates Canadians throw out more than half of all food produced here.

The Green Action Centre lists a number of steps you can take to reduce how much of your food is thrown out, such as planning meals, taking inventory of what you have before you grocery shop, and using an online tool to see if food is safe to hold on to.

4. Take part in a community cleanup 

Many neighbourhoods in Winnipeg hold clean up events in the spring where you can help clear the streets of litter or safely dispose of hazards you come across.

Take Pride Winnipeg maintains an online list of community cleanups you can volunteer at on its website, with several taking place between April 27 and May 25.

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ is also looking for volunteers to help cleanup downtown on April 29. 

5. Recycle/Dispose of unwanted items responsibly

The City of Winnipeg can help you  figure out what’s accepted in the blue bin and what belongs in the trash, but getting rid of other items, such as batteries, car seats and mattresses in a way that’s kind to the earth can be a bit more confusing. The Green Action Centre’s ‘Getting Rid of’ Guide lists locations that can take in items, and the Province of Manitoba also maintains a list of places to recycle.