Two families have been forced from their homes near St. Jean Baptiste, Man. due to spring flooding along the Red River south of Winnipeg.

R.M. of Montcalm councillor and emergency coordinator Jean Barnabe said the mandatory evacuations were ordered as a precaution because it’s expected the families will soon lose road access to their homes.

The R.M. has declared a local state of emergency.

Barnabe said it’s possible more evacuations may become necessary as the water rises.

Provincial officials have been in contact with the R.M.

The Red’s expected to crest in Emerson, Man. sometime between Tuesday and Thursday and in Winnipeg between April 29 and 30.

The province said crews have been deployed in a number of Red River Valley communities preparing for and implementing ring dike closures.

The river’s already above its banks at Emerson, Letellier and St. Jean Baptiste.

There have been no reports of any homes threatened, the province said.

Highway 75 is expected to remain open but there may be a minor restriction put in place near Morris, Man.