Cold temperatures have City of Winnipeg officials on high alert.

They said that with an unexpectedly cold weekend ahead, temporary hose lines at peoples' homes are at a higher risk of freezing.

With the wind chill, the temperature was expected to feel like -35 Friday night in Winnipeg.

The city advises residents to put a towel around the outdoor tap to help insulate and protect it.

They're also asking residents not to use appliances or homemade methods to thaw temporary lines. Instead they said to boil hot water, and pour that over your line if it has frozen.

More than 100 homes had temporary lines attached last weekend. At this point, there are only five addresses scheduled for a temporary hose line hookup March 22.

More than 1,300 addresses are waiting to have their pipes thawed.

A resident who spoke to CTV News Friday on Bannerman Avenue said he had to provide his neighbour with a temporary hose line two weeks ago.

Even with the precautions the city mentioned, it's frozen twice within the past week.

He said that the city did come and replace the frozen temporary line.