The Canadian Medical Association wants to know your opinion on social factors that are getting in the way of good health.

If those things are out of balance then it affects us in many different ways

A town hall is being held Monday night at the Winnipeg Art Gallery focusing on aboriginal health care.

Physicans and community leaders say instead of pumping money into the system, more emphasis should be placed on addressing the reasons people are getting sick in the first place.

CMA officials say 50 per cent of our health is determined by socio-economic factors, meaning where we come from and the circumstances we face.

Those include racism, poverty, housing, access to nutritious food and early childhood development.   

This is the latest phase of the CMA's public consultations on health care.

The aim is to modernize the health care system and get Canadians' views on what social factors affect their health and how to deal with them.

Town halls are also being held in Hamilton, Charlottetown, Calgary and Montreal.