WINNIPEG -- Manitoba health officials are reminding residents they need to remain cautious of COVID-19 as they head to the beach this summer.

In the latest COVID-19 bulletin, the province announced beach patrol officers will be returning to Birds Hill, Winnipeg Beach, and Grand Beach provincial parks on Thursday.

The province is reminding park visitors to know their limits, and if they have children, they need to supervise them and keep them within arms’ reach at all times.

The province added if you are a non-swimmer, you need to bring your own life jacket or personal floatation device, as the province will not be operating the life-jacket loaner program this year due to the pandemic.

The province noted standard physical distancing practices need to be followed at beaches, including six feet of separation from other beach users outside of your family group.

There must also be 12 feet of separation between each group’s towels and blankets on the beach to allow for foot traffic to and from the water.

As of Thursday, Manitoba is reporting 298 cases of COVID-19 in the province.