Police say it's premature to talk about a possible connection between the deadly shooting of a Winnipeg couple and the mysterious triple slaying of that couple's relatives in 2005.

The bodies of Joel Labossiere, 34, and his pregnant wife, Magdalena, 33, were discovered by a loved one Sunday afternoon.

Joel Labossiere is related to a family at the centre of an unsolved murder in rural Manitoba.

In late 2005, Joel Labossiere's grandparents, Fernand Labossiere, 78, and his wife Rita, 74, along their adult son Remi, were found shot in the burned-out remains of their farmhouse.

No one was ever charged in the case.

Since their deaths, family members have been involved in a legal battle over their estate.

Denis Jerome Labossiere, the other son of Fernand and Rita Labossiere, was convicted of trafficking cocaine in 2006 as part of an arrest linked to the Hell's angels. He served just 18 months of a six-year sentence and was granted day parole. However, a short time later he was arrested and charged with breaching a court order prohibiting him from contacting any relatives. The relatives had obtained a no-contact order.

"None of us are comfortable with having him out,'' Joel Labossiere said at the time.

In Parole documents obtained by CTV News - Denis Jerome Labossiere says he has severed his ties with the Hells Angels.

Winnipeg police say the investigation is in its preliminary stages and no arrests have been made. They have contacted RCMP to compare notes on Sunday's deaths and the St. Leon killings in 2005, according to Const. Pat Chabidon of the Winnipeg Police Service.

Police are also interviewing family members and have ruled out a murder- suicide.

"Two people were killed not by their own hands," said Const. Chabidon.

Magdalena Labossier was six months pregnant. She and Joel had learned the sex of their new baby -- but they were keeping it a surprise.

With a story from CTV's Stacey Ashley, and files from The Canadian Press