WINNIPEG -- Manitoba’s premier sat down with the prime minister in Ottawa Friday morning to discuss violent crime in the province.

“It’s on all of our minds lately,” said Brian Pallister. 

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Pallister noted Winnipeg is on trend to beat the record number of homicides in recent years, set in 2011 at 41. So far this year, Winnipeg has recorded 40 homicides.

“There were the recent tragedies involving young Manitobans that hit the hearts of all of us,” he said. In recent weeks, a  three-year-old  and a  14-year-old  we both stabbing in separate incidents.

Pallister said he spoke with Justin Trudeau about these issues, and talked about projects currently underway in Manitoba, including the guns and gangs initiative. Pallister also said a report is coming from the  Manitoba Police Commission

“I gave them a 60-day timeframe to come back with research, and we’ll be looking forward to acting on their recommendations, but I would like to see obviously shared jurisdictional issue,” said Pallister. “I’d like to see the federal government partner with us to make our streets safer.”

When asked about whether Manitoba would consider banning some types of guns, Pallister said a lot of the recent crime, specifically in Winnipeg, has been gang-related offences.

“We’re certainly open,” said Pallister. “I won’t make policy on the fly. I’ll only say that obviously we’re concerned, and we’re looking for measures that we can pursue.”

Pallister said he and the prime minister also spoke about  climate action