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Man drowns in Whiteshell Provincial Park after canoe capsizes: RCMP

A file photo of an RCMP cruiser. (Sean Amato/CTV News Edmonton) A file photo of an RCMP cruiser. (Sean Amato/CTV News Edmonton)

A Winnipeg man has died after his canoe tipped over on Sunday.

Whitemouth RCMP received a report of a drowning at Meditation Lake at 7:55 p.m. after a passerby found an injured 58-year-old female on the shore.

The female told the passerby that her husband was missing.

Police attended the scene and found a deceased 61-year-old male in the water.

Police determined that the woman and man had been canoeing together, and both parties were wearing life jackets.

RCMP said there were high winds and cooler temperatures on the lake when the canoe capsized.

The woman was able to swim to shore but it appears the man drowned.

She remains in the hospital. Top Stories

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