WINNIPEG -- Manitobans, Canadians and people around the world have been documenting their experiences getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but one Manitoba man has had a yabba dabba doo time with his shot.

Todd Scott decided to get his vaccine dressed up as Fred Flintstone.

He said he needed to find a costume that didn't have sleeves to make it easy to receive the vaccine.

"I was just thinking, 'You know what, I am going to get my vaccine. I am going to have fun with this,'" said Scott.

"Fred Flintstone also works really well with my post-pandemic body. It's a little more forgiving. The only thing I hate about this costume is the lack of pockets."

While he wanted to have fun with the vaccine, Scott said he is also trying to help with the vaccine hesitancy.

"A lot of people basically, they've been nervous of getting a vaccine done and I've always found over the years is humour has always been one of the best ways getting over the fear. If you can get them to laugh, it goes from that fight or flight instinct they have and it turns it into endorphins that makes them feel better."

He said he has always tried to make people laugh and he was told by people at the supersite that he made their day.

He even grabbed the attention of Dr. Joss Reimer, the medical lead of Manitoba's Vaccine Implementation Task Force.

"It's been so fun to watch people who are excited to dress up. I saw on Twitter for example, someone dressed up in a full Fred Flintstone costume to get the vaccine at the RBC supersite," she said on Wednesday.

Scott said he encourages everyone to get the dose, whether they dress up or not, and for those who might be unsure, he wants to remind them the vaccines are safe and will help end the pandemic.