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Manitoba releases spring flood forecast

Red River

Manitoba’s flood forecast is looking favourable, according to the latest flood outlook released by the province.

The February report from the Hydrologic Forecast Centre showed the current risk of flooding is low to moderate across all basins in Manitoba.

The report said the combination of the soil moisture at freeze-up being normal to below-normal and a normal to well-below-normal winter precipitation is the main reason for the current outlook.

The province also predicts at this time that the use of the Red River Floodway will not be needed this spring.

The Shellmouth Reservoir is being used to reduce the risk of flooding on the Assiniboine River

Despite the current forecast, the province notes a change in future weather conditions could lead to a change in the risk level.

“The Hydrologic Forecast Centre is monitoring a potential precipitation system that could impact Manitoba basins in the first week of March,” the province said in a release, referencing a winter storm moving into southern parts of the province this weekend.

The next forecast is scheduled to be released in late March, with the province saying it will have a better understanding of the spring runoff in that report. Top Stories

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