WINNIPEG -- Premier Brian Pallister announced a draft plan for Phase Three of reopening Manitoba.

He made the announcement Thursday morning from the Legislative building.

Pallister said the draft plan is based on public health advice and consultation with key sectors.

He added that the plan is to have Phase Three come into effect on June 21, but he added that decision is up to Manitobans.

The draft plan proposes an increase in gathering sizes which could see 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors.

"Outdoor gatherings are permitted with a maximum group size of 300 at the site, provided the group can be physically divided into sub-groups of 100 or fewer. Each sub-group must be able to arrive, depart and participate in the gathering without co-mingling with members from any other sub-group. Adequate physical distancing must continue to be provided for all participants," the draft plan reads.

The province is also looking at the possibility of changing guidelines for faith-based and other cultural gatherings as well as pow wows and other Indigenous cultural and spiritual gatherings.

The changes would include 100 people allowed at outdoor events and 50 people allowed in indoor events.

The plan also proposes allowing people from Western Canada and northwest Ontario who enter Manitoba to not need to self-isolate anymore for 14 days.

The premier was asked if the same proposals should be considered for the Atlantic provinces.

"That's where we are looking for input. We are proposing that we start with those that you can travel to by car, obviously if you wish. That’s where we expect the majority of travel might happen. Others may suggest that we should allow flights in from the Maritimes. Right now I don't know how possible that is, quite frankly. Those are suggestions that we will welcome and have a look at."

This includes people who are employed or affiliated with a film production and professional sports teams coming to the province.

However, when it comes to sports teams Pallister said players and employees would still have to self-isolate before arriving in Manitoba.

"The rationale for this, of course, these are very important aspects of our society in Manitoba. We have the defending Grey Cup champions here. We would like them to do that again a second time. We want to make sure we do that safely," said Pallister.

He added that this is just a proposal and he isn't sure if this would conflict with the federal plan to have people from outside Canada isolate for 14-days upon entering the country.

The draft plan also proposes that restaurants and bars would be allowed to have occupancy limits increased to 75 per cent of total capacity.

The province is also suggesting changes to childcare centres and day camps, saying all regular licensed capacity for childcare centres could resume with guidelines in place, and day camps could go from 24 to 50 children.


Amusement parks are now on the proposed list for Phase Three of reopening. The draft plan says amusement parks could be able to operate at 50 per cent of site capacity as long as access is controlled and physical distancing measures are followed.

Changes could be coming to the golf course, which would see four golfers allowed per group and two people per golf cart.


While the draft plan is allowing for the increased capacity of many facilities, the province did not include casinos and movie theatres as part of the plan.

"The opening of casinos and movie theatres is on the horizon we hope. It will all depend on the results of Phase Two over the next few days. But we are open to input," said Pallister. 

Manitobans can weigh in on the proposals here. 

The full draft plan can be read below.