“Big thanks to Coach Trevor Kriss for all his time spent coaching kids hockey over the years!”

- Rachel Eagleton


“The cerebral palsy association of Manitoba deserves a shout out because they do incredible for people living with cerebral palsy. They pick up where other services left off. They provide grants for specialized bikes, IPads, wheelchairs. The list will go on and on.”

- Jenny Kowalson


“All of the Pride committees across the country! We still need these events. They are so important to promote equality, and to spread love and acceptance. A huge thank you to all of the people who take their time, and energy to put everything together!”

- Kailey-Lynn Kirkby


“Winnipeg Inner City Missions! They are a community non profit organization that definitely helps individuals between ages 35-50 get back in their feet while overcoming addictions. They help with education, employment and life skills and supply you with a fully furnished and safe home so that takes that stress off while you are healing! Love them!”

- Tina Quesnel


“Melissa and Camara at HSC who changed everything about my MS. Amazing ladies!”

- Go Go Zinn


“Scleroderma Manitoba, an auto immune disease with no cure. Please join the Scleroderma Walk June 23 at St Vital Park and help us find a cure.”

- Carol Kropelnicki Akerman