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Nationwide shortage of children's cold medicine being felt in Manitoba


Some versions of children's cold and fever medications are in short supply as a nationwide run on kids liquid Tylenol and Advil is being felt here in Manitoba.

With back to school is around the corner, and as a dad Tyler Krost says he knows it coincides with cold and flu season.

"No matter what kind of preventions you take, it's inevitable that they will get sick and it's going to spread through the house," he said.

Some of the key over-the-counter medicines for cold, fever and aches are in short supply and have been for months, including children's liquid Tylenol and Advil.

Krost said it's been stressful at times trying to track them down.

"The shelves are bare, you know what I mean? Often the shelves are bare and we're going to multiple Shoppers or Superstores to try and find it."

The nationwide shortage, blamed on supply chain issues, prompted Toronto's SickKids hospital to warn parents they may need a prescription for liquid Tylenol and Advil in cases where only larger stock bottles are available and have to be repacked to smaller ones requiring a prescription.

There has not been a similar caution in Manitoba.

Shared Health said it cannot comment on the supply in community pharmacies but says hospitals have enough.

"Our hospitals are managing these shortages with existing supply, and there remain some equally effective alternatives available through our usual supply chain.”

Winnipeg pharmacist Monique Sanchez said other options include chewable versions. But before doling them out, parents should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about the proper amounts.

"There would be a little bit of a dosage estimate because with Tylenol and with Advil, it mainly goes by weight and by age," Sanchez said.

Because of the shortages, they only stock a limited supply of the liquid forms when they can get it.

"We want you to try to keep the supply fair so that other people from other locations will still be able to get a decent amount of supply."

Krost said for that same reason his family does not hoard when they're actually able to find Tylenol or Advil.

"I'm licensed but I'm not driving, so we're bussing around to actually find this stuff so it does become tough absolutely," he said. Top Stories

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