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New funding from Manitoba government to ease wheelchair repairs

(File photo) (File photo)

The Manitoba government is taking steps to make it easier for residents to get a wheelchair repair.

On Friday, the province announced it is working to unfreeze funding for Manitoba Possible’s wheelchair repair program, adding that it will provide $288,000 to hire more repair technicians.

According to the province, this money will help to shorten wait times and improve access to wheelchair services.

“The Manitoba Possible wheelchair program has been a huge blessing to me and my life,” said Janelle-Marie Emond, a Manitoba Possible client, at a news conference on Friday.

“If it were not for this program, I literally wouldn’t be here in front of you today speaking. This service is so important to Manitobans, as you never know when you’re going to get sick or get injured or when you’re going to need a wheelchair.”

Manitoba Possible, which provides mobility supports for thousands of Manitobans, offers repair and maintenance services to support people’s mobility needs. With this new funding, the organization will be able to grow its repair team with an additional in-house repair technician and an additional field technician.

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