WINNIPEG -- A local group called Strength in the Circle is helping men who have been through the criminal justice system heal.

“Strength in the Circle was built in response to the prevalence of untreated trauma in Indigenous communities that is the result of discriminative policies imposed by the Canadian Government,” said Jonny Meikle, the founder of Strength in the Circle.

Meikle said he wants to help men who have been through the criminal justice system find a more positive way to live – which includes taking a deep look at the pressures facing them.

The group said it recognizes there is a 'suffer in silence' or 'man up' mentality when it comes to men experiencing emotions or hard times.

To approach healing from an Indigenous perspective, Meikle said they pair traditional ways with fitness activities and group meetings. Three times a week the group will meet in different locations around Winnipeg.

“We wanted to cover all four quadrants of the medicine wheel, the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual, offering support in finding holistic healing,” he said.

The group plans to meet every Wednesday, and on Fridays started a co-ed healing program. Meikle said it’s good to have balance when it comes to healing.

The group is looking for different places to hold the fitness groups through the winter, as well as a headquarters for the men's and co-ed groups.

More information about Strength in the Circle can be found online.