The trial of two Winnipeg police constables accused of shooting an unarmed suspect and then trying to cover their tracks got underway on Monday.

The Crown told the jury the officers went way outside their duties by deliberately shooting an unarmed suspect who posed no threat to them.

Darrel Selley and Kristopher Overwater are charged with attempt to obstruct justice. Selley is also charged with attempted murder. Both officers have pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Court heard Monday the suspect led the constables on a high speed chase in July 2007.

Court heard the 18-year-old suspect was a drug dealer who was high on crystal meth and was driving a stolen Yukon SUV. He was speeding the wrong way down city streets, through red lights and driving onto boulevards and sidewalks, court heard.

The pursuit ended at an intersection in River Heights after the suspect, Kristofer Fournier, spun out and collided with officers’ cruiser car.

The Crown said Overwater and Selley chased Fournier down a backlane on foot and into a yard.

The Crown, Robert Tapper, said Selley fired his gun four times, with the fourth shot hitting Fournier in the buttocks.

“The two gentlemen were way outside their duties as police officers,” said Tapper.

The Crown said evidence showed the constables lied about how fast they were travelling during the vehicle pursuit and ignored orders to halt the car chase.

The first witness called by prosecutors was another police officer who testified he ran down the alley and heard the gun shots, but did not see what happened. One of the Crown’s key witnesses is expected to take the stand next – the suspect who was shot, Kristofer Fournier.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.