WINNIPEG -- Manitoba's official opposition is calling for public health officials to release COVID-19 modelling, saying it will help address pandemic fatigue, and public buy-in to health orders.

On Tuesday, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew and NDP Health Critic Uzoma Asagwara wrote a letter to Manitoba's chief public health officer, requesting a meeting with him to review COVID-19 modelling and release it publicly.

"We know that people are growing tired of restrictions, and it is important to remind folks and encourage folks and show folks the reasons why it is important to follow public health orders," said Asagwara.

"People will trust the decisions that are being made when they have the information in front of them that shows them why they are being made the way that they are."

When asked for comment, a provincial spokesperson referred CTV News to comments made by Dr. Jazz Atwal during a news conference on April 30.

At the time, Atwal said modelling takes into account behaviours such as extreme or limited adherence to health orders and measures. He said the models could show many scenarios depending on the inputs.

However, Atwal said he expected to see an increase in cases going forward for a period of time.

He did not say if the province plans to release its modelling data.

Asagwara said there is no negative impact to sharing the information, but said the province has not provided a clear reason why the COVID-19 modelling has not been released.

"It is to the benefit of Manitobans for them to be transparent about this information," they said.