WINNIPEG -- A new on-demand grocery delivery service has launched in Winnipeg amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canadian E-Market has partnered with Food Fare as well as other local groceries, making these stores available through its website.

According to a statement from the company, the service works similarly to ride-sharing apps such as Uber. 

Canadian E-Market said it has given each partner store a tablet, through which it will receive the orders and then fill them.

“By doing this, we have cut down the time a mystery shopper would have spent picking out grocery items from an unfamiliar shelving system, we have also reduced the traffic in the store during this period by eliminating the need for mystery shoppers while providing customers with a real-time online shopping experience,” the statement said, noting the service is available during each store’s operating hours and that orders will be delivered quickly.

Canadian E-Market said the grocery stores have full control of the products chosen for the customers and how they are packaged and handled. Once an order is filled it is assigned to a courier who picks it up and delivers it to the customer.

“All our courier drivers are instructed and trained on contactless and curbside delivery procedures, to keep them and the customers safe,” the company said.

The service is fully automated and gives customers the ability to track their orders. The company plans to launch in more cities in Western Canada in the coming weeks.

Canadian E-Market can be found online.