Candidates vying to become the next city councilor for the Point Douglas ward say revitalization and infrastructure are key aspects.

Point Douglas is one of the most economically and ethnically diverse wards in Winnipeg. For the past 12 years, Mike Pagtakhan has sat as councilor of the ward. He’s running again this year, but now has four challengers for his chair.

Rebecca Chartrand entered the race after taking part in the Drag the Red movement, and feeling there was a lack of government and police help. She said safety is one of her top priorities.

"When somebody goes missing or somebody's murdered, it's a tragedy for our entire community,” said Chartrand.

Other candidates in the ward, which includes parts of the Inner City, North End, Garden Grove, Tyndall Park and Waterfront, have a different focus.

Anne Thompson said many people in Point Douglas commute by foot and bicycle, so she wants to keep the ward’s sidewalks accessible and safe.

Ward 2 school trustee Anthony Ramos wants to better use what he calls "underserved" services and spaces in the ward, like Lizzie Park on Logan.

“There's been some great work across other parts of the ward, but now it's time to focus on some of the real needs and changes that need to come about in different parts of the ward such as this,” said Ramos.

Candidate Dale White says he's business-minded. He said he wants to best use taxpayer money when dealing with infrastructure improvements, and focus on value and cost control.

"We just have to put off maybe some of the nicer to have things at the moment and concentrate the next little while on the infrastructure and roads,” said White.

For incumbent Mike Pagtakhan, who has held the position since 2002, road and bridge revitalization are important.

His main focus is connecting the community.

"I'm very much in favour of ensuring that the Arlington Bridge does get rebuilt and remains an important conduit to connect the northeast to downtown," he said.

With a voter turnout of just 37 per cent in the last election, Pagtakhan hopes voters opt for a familiar face come election day, while his opponents hope Point Douglas residents vote for change at city hall.