Winnipeg police and their tactical team entered a home on the evening of Jan., 20 after becoming aware of a grow-op at the location.

Police said they learned of the marijuana grow-op in the 300 block of Niagara Street, back in the fall of 2015. Further investigation led to the issuance of a drug search warrant that was executed Wednesday evening.

Police said two people were taken into custody and the home was searched.

Police seized 36 marijuana plants estimated at just under $40,000 street value along with three pounds of harvested marijuana estimated at $7,500.

In addition, 8.5 pounds of marijuana shake was seized, estimated at about $21,000. Police said approximately $6,900 worth of grow equipment was also seized.

Two Winnipeggers, a 43-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, are facing charges of possession and trafficking of marijuana.