TORONTO - If you live on the Prairies it looks like a white Christmas is a sure bet, but an Environment Canada meteorologist says prospects look pretty bleak for most other parts of the country.

Dave Phillips jokingly says that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are likely to have not only a White Christmas, but a white Easter with all the snow they`ve been getting.

He says Newfoundland and Labrador, parts of New Brunswick and PEI have some chance of a blanket of snow for Christmas.

Phillips says those living in Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal and Sault Ste Marie, Ontario also have a shot at a white Christmas.

But in most parts of southern Ontario, B.C. and many other locations, Phillips says it's a toss up as to whether Christmas Day will be better for tobogganing or football.

Environment Canada defines a white Christmas as having at least two centimetres of snow on the ground on the morning of Dec. 25.