Some Winnipeg residents could soon be paying more to park on the street outside their homes.

Currently, homeowners are allowed up to three permits per household to exempt them from parking limits if they live on a street with parking time restrictions or metered parking. The permits cost $20 each.

However, a proposed change in the Parking Authority’s 2024 Business Plan would update the fee structure.

While the first vehicle permit would cost $25, a second would cost $50, and a third would cost $200.

“Residential parking permits have been frozen in price since 2006,” said Coun. Jeff Browarty, the chair of the city’s finance committee.

Browarty said the city is trying to encourage people to park off-street where possible.

“On-street parking is really being saved for people to visit and for short-term high turnover, so people can, you know, visit people in areas like that,” he said.

Browarty added the plan would also include inflationary increases for future years.

“We did look across the country, we are on the low side in terms of the fee we were charging,” he said. “This was sort of a catch-up thing.”

The changes are in the city’s multi-year budget, which will be voted on by council on March 20.

According to a City of Winnipeg spokesperson, around 3,200 residential parking permits have been issued, with 86 of the permits for a third vehicle.