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Sherbrook Inn bar and vendor suddenly closes


The future of a West Broadway drinking establishment is uncertain.

The bar and vendor at the Sherbrook Inn are shut down. Signs say they are closed until further notice.

CTV News contacted the owner who declined to comment and couldn't say if the closure was temporary or permanent.

People in the community are divided about the closure.

John Leshchansky has lived across the street from the inn for decades.

“There's been all kinds of activities that have taken place there," said Leshchansky.

William Gault lives in the neighbourhood too and isn't upset by the closure.

"I'm glad it's closing, it really does bring a bad element to the area," said Gault.

Not everyone feels that way.

Dale Kirton has been the front desk night manager at the West Broadway establishment since the early 90s. He said ownership ran a tight ship.

“If people weren't good we barred them. That took care of the problem,” said Kirton.

He said it's nonsense to blame a bar, vendor, and hotel for what's happening around it.

“The community isn't safe anymore because of the meth that's come in."

Regular Sabina Duncan is saddened by the closure. She said the bar was safe and she enjoyed playing pool, listening to karaoke and watching shows.

"I knew some people that work there and they're also pretty disappointed that it closed down," said Duncan.

While it’s unclear if the business is shutting down for good, some already have thoughts on what it should be turned into.

Leshchansky would like to see it become a centre for seniors.

“It would be a better choice to have instead of that hotel,” he said.

Gault would want it to be a place that helps people.

“It would be nice to see something for lower income people,” said Gault.

Right now, there are people living in the hotel and CTV News has been told they are able to stay for now. Top Stories


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