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The new hotline helping confused campers


A new hotline is helping confused campers find their way out of sticky situations.

Earlier this month, Scouts Canada announced the creation of the free ‘Camptastic Helpline’ to help people navigate common camping calamities.

The way it works is that you call in and use a number selection process that will direct you to pre-recorded solutions from the Scouts. Some of the advice includes what to do when encountering wildlife and how to go to the washroom outdoors.

“It’s automated respondes from different adults and Scouters within Scouts Canada that will answer those questions and help them through those situations where they might not be as comfortable,” said venturer scout Rachea.l Huggard

In preparation for the upcoming camping season, Scouts Canada surveyed 1,000 people to find out how much they know about camping. The organization found that many people lack knowledge when it comes to pitching a tent or encountering a black bear in the woods.

“It seems they made their own decisions and didn’t really have the confidence in making those right decisions on what to do in those tricky situations,” Huggard said.

Now, less-experienced campers can call 1-844-SCOUT101 to get the information they need to tackle these tricky situations.

In addition to the helpline, Scouts Canada offers online resources, guides and videos to help people plan their trips,

For any first-time campers this year, Huggard recommends practicing with your equipment beforehand and keeping things simple the first time you go out.

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