WINNIPEG -- The mayor of Brandon is urging all residents to get their COVID-19 vaccine once their chance comes up.

“This is truly our opportunity,” said Mayor Rick Chrest at a news conference on Tuesday, while wearing his ‘I’m COVID-19 Vaccinated’ sticker.

He said despite the current restrictions in Manitoba, he’s never felt more optimistic about the pandemic than he does right now because of the vaccines.

“Unlike previous restrictions, this time we have a real, live remedy underway – vaccinations,” Chrest said.

The mayor added that he encourages people to get the vaccine as soon as they can with whatever vaccine is available to them. Chrest also urged people to seek out credible information when it comes to vaccine safety and efficacy.

“This is really the path to all of us getting our lives back, getting our businesses reopened, getting our children back in the classroom where they belong, and finally seeing a sense of normalcy,” he said.


Chrest said that Brandon and the Prairie Mountain Health Region have been seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases, along with the rest of the province.

“As of yesterday’s numbers, Brandon alone had arrived at 100 active cases, with a total of 390 active cases in the Prairie Mountain Health Region,” he said.

He noted that Brandon has been averaging more than 10 new cases a day for over a week.

On Tuesday, the province said there are now 393 active COVID-19 cases in the Prairie Mountain Health Region, including 100 in Brandon.


During Tuesday’s news conference, Tobin Praznik, Brandon’s emergency manager, provided an update on how the latest round of public health restrictions has impacted city operations.

Under the new restrictions:

  • The Sportsplex track remains open for individual use and a maximum of five-person groups;
  • The daycare at Sportsplex is open, but the facility is closed;
  • The Youth and Cultural Centre, Parks complex, and Brandon Cemetery Admin Building are closed; and
  • A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex and City Hall are open;

Praznik noted that the parks department has replaced all the signage in the city regarding rules for outdoor gatherings and that residents should contact the department about the use of the city’s sports fields.