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Tips to save some money for those looking to travel


For those who are wanting to escape the winter but also save some money on travel, CAA Manitoba has some tips.

Susan Postma, the regional manager for CAA Manitoba, said the earlier you plan, the better.

"It's great to be able to book in advance, get you some availability. If you see a seat sale now, we are recommending that you book that seat sale now," said Postma.

She said the last-minute seat sales aren't as "plentiful" as they were before the pandemic.

"The closer you get to when you want to go, you may see some higher price. You might also struggle to sometimes find that availability, say for a car rental or a hotel."

Another tip from Postma to save money is to keep track of any reward programs you might be a part of.

"People lose track of how much they have, so we really do encourage you to take a look at what points you may have with a credit card program or those Air Miles. Take a look at the details, see if there are any expiry dates. You may have a car rental already paid for that you're not even aware of."

Postma said when booking trips, people should also look at what their food costs might be – especially with the price of food increasing. She recommends choosing all-inclusive destinations or hotels that offer complimentary meals to help reduce the price.

When a trip is booked may also be a factor in how much someone pays.

"If you can avoid some of those peak times, travelling on the weekend or looking at spring break, those peak times will typically be higher. So if you have flexibility when you want to travel, midweek or even mid-month, it can make a difference."

She notes even certain attractions could be cheaper, depending on the time of year.

For those who still want to get out in the next month or two, Postma says a travel agent might be the key to finding some savings, as they are aware of promotions and other options for travellers.

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