More than a decade in the making, the long wait to see the galleries and exhibits inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has finally ended.

Saturday, the first visitors from the general public walked through the building. The museum sent out 9,000 free tickets to preview four of the 11 galleries in the museum this weekend. Many visitors said they were impressed.

"It looks like they are really, really well set up and a nice mix of interactive and learning," said university student Emily Cummings.  

She said  she's interested in human rights and found the displays engaging.

Others say, while the material inside the building is important, the architecture alone made the first-time visit thrilling.

"It was incredible, I was super excited to come check it out," said Cameron Cummings. “Even without the exhibits, it’s such a profound thing for Winnipeg."

There was some disappointment though. Some feel certain issues and debates haven't been covered to their liking.

Visitor Denise Mountenay is concerned the issue of abortion is not included.

"The right to life is lacking in this place,” said visitor Denise Mountenay.

Still she said, the museum is a beautiful place to visit, a view echoed by many first-time visitors who say they'll be back to explore the museum.

"Definitely,” said Kim Hampton.

“We'll be back as quickly as possible," said Kevin Hampton. “I've already been texting people. They have to come as soon as possible.”

The museum opens its doors to the paying public, Saturday, Sept. 27. All 11 galleries will be open. The hours are every Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $15 for adults, $8 for youth between seven and 17 years of age. Children under seven are free.