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Winnipeg to begin emerald ash borer treatment on Monday


The City of Winnipeg is set to begin its emerald ash borer treatment program on Monday, June 21.

As long as the weather allows for it, the treatment will take place between 6:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday until late July.

The program will target the following insect management areas:

  • 13 (Worthington);
  • 14 (Kingston Crescent, Minnetonka, Pulberry);
  • 15 (Southland Park);
  • 16 (Island Lakes, Royalwood);
  • 18 (Vista);
  • 25 (Beaumont, Crescent Park, Maybank, Wildwood);
  • 30 (Central River Heights);
  • 31 (Crescentwood, North River Heights, Wellington Crescent);
  • 32 (Grant Park, Rockwood);
  • 40 (Minto, St. Matthews);
  • 41 (Wolseley);
  • 42 (Daniel McIntyre, West Alexander); and
  • 46 (Dufferin, Logan C.P.R., Lord Selkirk Park).

To treat the emerald ash borer, Winnipeg uses the insecticides TreeAzin or IMA-jet. These insecticides are injected into ash trees on city property, and have been approved by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

The city notes the insecticides will be used by licensed pesticide applicators in accordance with federally-approved label directions.

Any Winnipeggers who want to register for daily phone or email notifications regarding tree pest control activities can do so online or by contacting 311. Top Stories

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