Canada turned 149 on Saturday and Winnipeggers celebrated in style.

Lots of proud Manitobans decked out in red and white across the province.

At The Forks, there was lots of entertainment including music, games, food, and buskers.

"It's important for the kids to know it's Canada's birthday and it's something that we want to celebrate,” said one woman who attended the celebration with her family. “We both, my husband and I, have seen a lot of the country and lived in a lot of the country, so we want them to get as much of that education as we've had."

Several bands will take the stage Friday night including Mariachi Ghost, Mise en Scene and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Pyrotechnics spent the day preparing for Friday night’s fireworks. Archangel Fireworks is hoping to wow the crowd tonight.

It's the company's biggest show of the year.

A local fireworks expert says planning for a night like this takes months.

The crew will continue working until right before the show begins.

"A lot of hours go into actually designing the show and programming it into the computers, and today's the day we actually get to set it up,” said Toby Hughes, lead fireworks supervisor. “So this is the biggest show, probably, I'm going to shoot all year, one of the biggest shows Archangel gets to shoot all year, so we're really happy to be here, happy for everybody to see it."

The fireworks show at the forks starts at 11 p.m.

Assiniboine Park also offers its own display, lighting up the sky at 10:40 p.m.

The park is offering a park-n-ride program to shuttle people from area schools.

Winnipeg Transit has also added extra bus service, from The Forks to Assiniboine Park.

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights is showing its pride this long weekend. The Tower of Hope will glow red tonight.

It lit up red at dusk yesterday -- to celebrate Canada Day.

The CMHR also has a number of different ways to celebrate Canada's 149th birthday including reduced admission all weekend long.