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Winnipeggers spot wild turkeys in Riverbend neighbourhood


With the Christmas spirit in the air in Winnipeg, it looks like some special visitors are trying to get in on the holiday fun.

A group of wild turkeys made a stop in Winnipeg’s Riverbend neighbourhood on Saturday.

The turkeys were seen in Winnipeg over the weekend. (Source: Aaron Macri)

One homeowner in the area told CTV News Winnipeg that a flock of turkeys showed up at his home this weekend, where they snacked on some bird seed and made a bit of a mess.

He noted that turkeys often visit the neighbourhood during the wintertime, adding that he always enjoys their antics.

The turkeys were seen in the Riverbend area. (Source: Aaron Macri)

CTV News Winnipeg previously reported that turkey like to come to Winnipeg because there is a large supply of food, trees for roosting and a lack of predators. Turkeys are not considered dangerous and will usually run away from humans. Top Stories

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