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11 new COVID-19 deaths reported in Manitoba; hospitalizations drop


The Manitoba government is reporting an additional 11 deaths from COVID-19 in its weekly report.

The report, released Thursday, showed three new deaths reported during the week of June 5–11, though the death toll increased by 11 from last Thursday, bringing it to 2,015 since the pandemic started. The province has previously said deaths from COVID-19 that were missed in previous reports will be added once they’re confirmed.

The report shows that there were 228 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases identified in the province, down from 337 in the previous report. The province has said the actual case number is likely an undercount, due to rapid tests administered at home. The volume of laboratory tests decreased to an average of 495 people tested per day, compared to 624 in the previous report. The test positivity rates from lab tests also dropped from 10.8 per cent in the previous report, to 9.6 per cent.

The province added hospitalizations dropped from 100 reported in the previous week, with 80 reported this week. However, ICU admissions doubled from seven last week to 14 this week. Top Stories

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