From his South St. Vital bedroom, 16-year old Kyle Jagassar started his own business, fixing iPhone and iPad screens.

Often customers have no idea about the age their repair person.

"Usually, they are pretty surprised,” said Jagassar, “They're like, ’What is this, a joke?"

In under an hour, Jagassar takes your broken screen, takes apart your phone and puts a new screen back on.

Two years ago, he learned the trade from watching YouTube videos.

He decided to advertise the service online and now claims, he'll fix your screen for less than anybody else in Winnipeg.

“Taking (the phone) apart voids Apple's warranty. It's taking a risk, but it’s half the price,” said Jagassar.

With almost no overhead, Jagassar’s company Matrix Repairs has been steadily growing. This year, Jagassar hired three technicians.

"He's a smart dude. He's my boss and we're still friends," said 16-year-old Vaughan Van Nest.

Van Nest paid $200 to buy the tools and become Jagassar’s business partner. Jagassar then started handing over projects.

Matrix Repairs now brings in about $1,500 dollars a week.

Jagassar is so confident about the work, he offers a lifetime guaranteed on their new screens.

Jagassar's mother said his entrepreneurial spirit has been inside him since he was a little boy and she is proud of what he has accomplished.