Winnipeg’s new garbage and recycling system has seen a number of snags during its implementation over the past few months, including significant delays for some homeowners.

Now that garbage collection is back on track, but some homeowners are wondering if the new bins will be enough to hold all of their holiday waste.

“My mom and my wife, they don’t like all the garbage, you know, in our garage,” said Winnipeg resident Zhen Liu. “They think it’s dirty.”

Each week Liu said he usually fills his entire recycling cart. He said he’s a bit worried about what will happen after Christmas parties and presents. His garbage volume, like many homeowners, almost doubles around the holiday season, and this year he won’t be able to throw his extra bags by the curb.

The city expects close to 100 per cent of residents will be putting some trash to the curb over the holiday season, and the overall amount of garbage is expected to increase by 40 per cent.

City officials said it expects some complaints and hiccups along the way, but said there are things that can be done to minimize slow-downs.

 “I think the most important thing to do is spend a few extra minutes to see what you’re discarding,” said Randy Park a City of Winnipeg official.

If there is still a lot of garbage leftover, Park said residents have two options – they can wait until the next week for city trucks to pick up the excess or they can pay the city to make another pickup.

"We'll gladly come by your place and pick up up to three additional garbage bags full of extra material for an extra $5," said Park.

As for extra recycling, homeowners will have to take it to one of seven recycling depots around the city if they want it gone right away.