The 41st provincial election is just around the corner and Kerri Irvin-Ross' office is in full swing.

This time around, people in the Fort Richmond constituency are still undecided.

The NDP has held the seat for 13 years.
Although Irvin-Ross been an MLA since 2003, she said she knows there's a lot of work left to do.

"I know that there's work that we need to do around the implementation of customary care and family services. There are more quick care clinics that need to be built across this province. The recruitment and training of doctors and nurses are vitally important," said Irvin-Ross.

As the minister of family services, she says she is committed to providing the best care for children in care.
Many Fort Richmond residents are pleased with the work Irvin-Ross has done, but some are looking for a change.

Ken Martens, a resident in the area, said a vote for Irvin-Ross is as good as a vote for Selinger - and that's something he doesn't want.

"Actually, I kind of like Kerri. We've met her a time or two, and I think she tried to do a pretty adequate job of representing us. But I can't vote for her and get the party I want," said Martens.

Kyra Wilson is the Liberal candidate for Fort Richmond.

She shares similar views on child care and services as her NDP competitor, but she believes that it's not enough.

"I would like to see that the families and the children are involved in the decision making, in terms of child and family services," said Wilson. "I have tried working with her in terms of the work that I've done with the First Nations family advocate office and we've asked for supports, and we didn't getting any supports. That's why I put my name forward, was because we weren't getting any answers."

Many people in the area remain undecided. Bruce Macdonald, another Fort Richmond resident, said he still doesn't know who he's voting for.

"There's just not enough information out there. Me - I feel like I'm picking the worst of the worst. There's no one that stands out," said Macdonald.

The Progressive Conservative candidate in Fort Richmond is Sarah Guillemard.

In a statement, her team said: "The Progressive Conservative team has been sharing our plan for a better Manitoba, and Sarah is proud to stand up for Fort Richmond. Common themes that we have been hearing at the doors are concerns about ER wait times and the heavy tax burden on seniors and lower-income residents."

The Green party candidate in the area is Cameron Proulx. CTV did not get a response back from his team.