Apple's latest iPad 2 is expected to be a big seller this holiday season, but a number of other tablets are giving it a run for the money.



A recent survey suggests four out of five people want to see a tablet as a gift this holiday season.


They can play video games, movies, music, along with other features.


While the iPad 2 is still the top seller, it's also the most expensive, ringing it at more than $600.


Samsung's Galaxy tablet is close behind, starting at $500. It works on an Android operating system and is the thinnest table on the market.


At about $400 is the Acer Iconia. It works with either an Android or Windows operating system.


"What's nice about this one is it comes with a keyboard and a USB port so the memory is easily expandable," said Andrew at Future Shop.


BlackBerry's Playbook has the business person in mind. CTV News found it on sale for only $200.



It synchs to a BlackBerry mobile device, so anything you do on your phone can be linked to the tablet.


And finally, for that gamer on your shopping list, is Sony's tablet, which starts at about $500. It also doubles as a universal remote.


"(It's) for the entertainment fanatic if you have a ton of movies you want to watch or who is into Sony Playstation games," said Andrew.


One technology expert says the iPad is still the best tablet for the money. But if you want to venture away from Apple Kevin Hnatiuk from New Media Manitoba advises to be cautious of anything under $300.


"They are very slow, They (are) very awkward the apps don't run as well on them. I would generally advise staying away from that," he said.


Hnatiuk is also leery of the Playbook which doesn't have as many apps as the iPad.


"If i was entering the tablet market the two choices I'd be looking at are either an Android (system) or an iPad. (The) iPad has the longest legacy, the most apps, but you won't be disappointed with either frankly," he said.


Ultimately, Hnatiuk says most tablets do similar things. It just depends which device suits your needs the most.