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Man left wondering if cabin near Cranberry Portage destroyed by fire


One man has been left with more questions than answers after a wildfire blazed near his northern Manitoba cabin.

John Corden has owned his cabin, located near Cranberry Portage, for eight years.

Earlier this month, a major wildfire began to burn near the community, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people.

Thankfully, Corden wasn’t at his cabin when the wildfire began, but heard from a nearby cabin owner that his property may have been destroyed.

“I tried to get information from Conservation and they didn’t really know much about it,” he said in an interview on Wednesday. “They said they have to send in ground crews.”

Corden added that he was told someone from Manitoba Conservation would get back to him; however, that never happened.

Now, he’s left wondering what happened to the cabin and is frustrated by the lack of resources for the area.

“I don’t really have any options. I can’t afford to rebuild,” he said.

“So if I lost my cabin, it’s permanently gone.”

On Sunday, the province announced emergency financial support for evacuees. Property damage from wildfires is covered by insurance.

In the latest fire bulletin, the province said the fire near Cranberry Portage is under control. Residents are now able to return home.

- With files from CTV’s Charles Lefebvre. Top Stories

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