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Manitobans being warned about scams involving moving companies


As the weather heats up and we enter moving season, many Manitobans will turn to moving companies to help make the transition easier and avoid stress.

However, according to the Better Business Bureau, many people are getting scammed by moving companies that either don’t show up, steal the deposit or take your belongings.

This has become a growing problem in Canada, with the Better Business Bureau receiving nearly 6,000 complaints about moving companies in 2023. The median loss across these incidents is $350.

“There are several types of scams too that people are falling victim to,” said Stefanie Lasuik, manager of PR and communications with the Better Business Bureau.

“From flat out hiring a moving company and everything seems legit, but the day comes for your move…and the moving company just doesn’t show up.”

Lasuik added that another scam involves a moving company using your credit card information to make a few extra charges.

“You might not notice it on the statement, because you’re filling your life with so many other things,” she said, adding that the charges may go undetected people expect to see higher credit card statements when paying for a move.

A third scam that Lasuik is warning Manitobans about is moving companies driving off with all your belongings and holding them hostage until you agree to pay.

“Or they could just completely rob you and take your belongings,” she said.

In order to avoid these types of scams, Lasuik recommends checking to ensure the company’s address is on its licence and registration.

She added that it’s also a red flag if the company answers the phone by saying ‘movers,’ instead of their actual name, or asks for a large down payment upfront.

- With files from CTV’s Rachel Lagace. Top Stories

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