Good Friday morning, Winnipeg! Today is Friday, Aug. 12. Today on CTV Morning Live, Rachel goes to the Warsaw Poland Pavilion at the Glenwood Arena, 27 Overton St. Pavilion Ambassador Eryk Bujalski will talk about this year’s live band, Czerwona Rzeka, and the Folk Dance Ensemble SPK Iskry. An adventure at the Warsaw Poland Pavilion would not be complete without ‘pierogi’ making. You’ll learn how to do it yourself. Pharmacist Danny Lee has some surprising tips to help you deal with a bad sunburn, and ways to avoid getting one in the first place. Find out which medications can actually make you prone to sunburn. Hoping to do some home renovations this summer? Find out how to get a permit for that summer project. Join us for this and so much more on CTV Morning Live!

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