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Tiber River ceasing operations


Tiber River, a shop that sells natural body care products, is ceasing operations.

In a social media post on Thursday, the company said it is approaching its “final sunset” and reflecting on its journey that has been “both inspiring and challenging.” It notes that customers can still buy products online until they run out and that all sales are final.

"Through both our triumphs and challenges, every experience has imparted wisdom and growth. For this, we are deeply thankful,” Tiber River said in the post.

This news comes over a year after the company dropped its ambassador program amid business challenges. At the time, Tiber River cited interest rates and supply chain issues as some of its hardships.

The company then switched its focus to direct-to-consumer online sales and kept its Winnipeg store.

CTV Winnipeg reached out to Tiber River for more information. Top Stories


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