Delta Marsh is undergoing a $3.5 million dollar restoration project.

The province says the restoration will improve the marsh's natural function to filter out nitrogen and phosphorus that would otherwise flow into the province's waterways including Lake Winnipeg.  Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh calls the marsh the kidneys of the Lake Winnipeg basin.

Delta Marsh is one of the world's largest marshes covering 190 square kilometres on the southern shores of Lake Manitoba.

The project will keep the invasive and destructive fish species known as common carp from entering Delta Marsh.  Fish screens that keep out large destructive carp are being placed in strategic entry points to the marsh.

Ducks Unlimited is contributing 3 million dollars, and $500,000 is coming from the province.

Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh says this project is the largest of its kind in North America.

It is set to be finished this spring.

Feb. 2 is World Wetlands Day.