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'More people can see it': 'Humbug' sign removed from Winnipeg brewery, set to move to new location


A Winnipeg brewery says the 'Humbug' sign that it put up on its roof just a few days ago needed to come down.

Earlier in the week, CTV News Winnipeg reported that One Great City decided to put up a replica ‘Humbug’ sign on its roof.

The brewery was inspired by a 50-year-old Winnipeg tradition that began with a man named Sid Farmer, who would hang the sign from an apartment block in the Polo Park area. However, this year, the Christmas custom was in jeopardy due to construction at the building.

Once the staff at One Great City heard the news, they decided to build their own sign and put it on their roof.

But the saga of the ‘Humbug’ sign didn’t end there.

Tim Hudek, operations manager at the brewery, said the building's landlord had some concerns with the sign being on the roof.

"There were concerns of code compliance, insurance, all sorts of thing. We sort of thought of it as just a silly decoration, but we're just a brewery, what do we know?" said Hudek.

The 'Humbug' sign on One Great City. (Source: Scott Andersson)

He said the sign was taken down and has since been moved inside the brewery, giving people a chance to take pictures with it and still celebrate the Winnipeg tradition.

"Customers are super excited about the sign."

However, the sign won't be inside the brewery for long. Hudek said he heard from the mayor's office Thursday morning and they have a new location for it.

"So they actually offered to host the sign at the fire hall at St. James and Portage. So we'll actually be able to have it up there and have everybody see it from Route 90."

Hudek also clarified there is no blame being pointed at the landlord, saying this was just a simple misunderstanding.

"So if it can be up (on the fire hall) and more people can see it, that's all the better."

Hudek isn't sure exactly when the sign will be heading over to the hall and he is encouraging everyone to come down and see the sign before it moves.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office told CTV News Winnipeg it is working to move the sign to Number 11 Fire Paramedic Station at 1705 Portage Avenue.

"The humbug sign is a fun Winnipeg tradition, and as a longtime St. James resident, the mayor is quite fond of it. The mayor admired what One Great City Brewing was trying to do to keep the tradition alive, so we reached out to see if there was a way the city could help," the spokesperson said in an email.

They said the sign will be moved in the next couple of days.

CTV News Winnipeg has also reached out to Hana Management Group – the company that manages the building. Top Stories

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