Winnipeg police have now spent a number of days at a West End apartment block in the ongoing investigation of alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb.

On June 25, Lamb was charged with three counts of second-degree murder in the killings of 31-year-old Tanya Nepinak, 25-year-old Carolyn Sinclair and 18-year-old Lorna Blacksmith.

Officers were in and out of an apartment building on the 600 block of Sherbrook Street since last Thursday.

Albert Bast lives in the building and was recently interviewed by homicide detectives investigating the Lamb case.

“I didn’t like what I seen up there. I didn’t know what happened,” said Bast.

Bast said a few months ago the landlord of the building asked him to clean up suite number eight. He broke down in tears while describing the scene.

“There was blood on the mattress, the bathroom, the floor, the sink and the toilet,” said Bast. “We threw the rest of the stuff out. The bed was covered in blood.”

Police haven’t said if a crime took place in the building but did confirm their presence there was part of the ongoing Lamb investigation.

On Friday, officers launched a national tip line to help generate leads in the investigation, asking anyone in Canada who may have information to contact police at 1-855-817-4949.

“We’ve never had a case of this magnitude. We want to make sure we cover all the bases and get all the information on these three homicides and all the other homicides Mr. Lamb may have been involved in,” said Insp. Rick Guyader of the Winnipeg Police Service. “Let’s be really clear. I have no new information to suggest that he has been involved in any other (cases), but we are definitely looking into that possibility.”

Police said they had hoped to set up a line sooner, but it took some time to prepare and have already been fielding many calls.

Thursday, in Cross Lake, Lorna Blacksmith’s body finally arrived home. Blacksmith will be laid to rest in a ceremony on Saturday.