Before you get going on your holiday purchases, you may want to rethink how you browse and shop this year.

This year, the Canadian dollar only equals about 77 cents U.S.

Last year, the U.S. dollar was worth $1.13 Canadian.

There’s also a whole host of America online retailers willing to now ship products to Manitoba.

Mother of four Elisa Ducharme likes to shop online, but was surprised at the deal uncovered by CTV.

CTV found the Star Wars Sith Infiltrator Lego set for $87.36 on After adding shipping and converting to Canadian dollars and add the tax, it will cost you $180.

Go to and, with shipping, it will cost you about $203.

At the Lego store in Winnipeg, the same product is $119, or $135 with the tax.

“Wow, that's impressive. That's very impressive,” said Ducharme.

Take Luke Byran's latest CD.

On, it's $9.40. Add shipping and convert the currency and it’s $26.

On , it’s $19.

It's $24.85 on the HMV website but head to the actual store, and it’s $16.95.

Macy's, JC Penney and even Target, which shuttered its Canadian stores, now ship to Canada. But don't expect savings, said retail analyst Robert Warren.

"One - you have to pay the exchange rate, so that's about 30 per cent. Two, unless you have a U.S. address, you have to pay shipping into Canada, which is going to be more expensive," said Warren, who is the managing director of Mean Eyed Cat Venture Labs.

Warren said just because you can search a product or receive an email for American items on sale, it doesn't mean the company will ship to Canada.

That was the case with Levis jeans at Walmart. doesn't ship to Canada. The jeans are the same price on and in store. Buy it locally and you can skip the $5 shipping fee.

One place CTV was able to confirm deals -- Best and the as both stores told CTV they have sales advertised online only. But, if you find that price and bring it to the store, they'll match it.