Residents of Gimli are stepping back in time to experience a Second World War fighter plane.

The B-17 Bomber, known as the Flying Fortress, is flying into town, and giving people a rare opportunity to climb aboard.

According to organizers, passengers will get the chance to stand in the footsteps of the bombardier, the navigator and the waist gunner of the plane. They said people get to relive history, as they soar the skies in the large aircraft.

The B-17 aircraft is one of a few remaining in the world, as there are fewer than 100 that still exist.

There were 12,732 produced between 1935 and 1945.

Revenues from this flying opportunity will help cover maintenance and operations costs for the aircraft to keep them flying for years to come.

As for the cost, ground tours are $10 per individual and flights range from $409-$475.

The B-17 tour stop runs from July 7-10 at the Gimli Industrial Park Airport.