Winnipeg police say six people were sent to hospital after a police cruiser went through a stop sign and crashed into a minivan.

It happened Saturday around 7:20 p.m. at the corner of Salter Street and Aberdeen Avenue.

Leo Fradin lives nearby and recorded the crash all on his house security camera.

"I heard a pretty loud bang," said Fradin.

Const. Rob Carver of the Winnipeg Police Service said Sunday, two of the people sent to hospital are police officers.

He said all six people were in stable condition and everyone has since been released from hospital.

Police are not saying if the officers in the vehicle were driving to an emergency.

“I didn't hear any sirens or any lights and didn't see any of that. Just a cop car flying through a stop sign,” said Fradin.

Moments before the crash, another police cruiser is observed on the same security footage along Salter Street near where the crash took place. It slowly turned onto a street off Salter Street.

In a different video showing the aftermath, also submitted to CTV News, police officers are seen removing the front windshield of the minivan to help people still inside the van.

"That van slid across Salter Street quite a ways, and he [the police officer] went back and checked on the people, and then whoever was in the car," said Fradin.

He said police officers came to his house and he gave them the footage of the crash, but he's still not sure why the crash happened.

“Pretty reckless I think. Because I have eight kids and they walk down this road all the time,” said Fradin.

He said he’s relieved his kids weren’t out and about at the time of the crash.

Police said no more information is being released at this time.

The road reopened around 3:15 a.m.

Winnipeg police said Monday the Independent Investigation Unit has been notified.